About our Builder Warranty Inspection Services

About our Builder Warranty Inspection Services

We will inspect your new home as if it were ours.

Our builder warranty inspections are as thorough as our buyer’s and seller’s inspections, because we want to make sure you are getting the most for your money. We’ll examine more than 600 components of your new home, paying special attention to details normally covered by a builder warranty.

This will include all the structural elements, electrical and plumbing systems, major appliances, heating and cooling systems – major components of your home that may be expensive to repair if defects exist. We’ll also make note of any areas we feel may have potential future issues.

After the inspection, we’ll give you the same detailed report we provide for our other home inspections. The report will include high-resolution, color, digital images, giving you a tool you can use to have conversations with your builder’s representatives. The report will also give you a list of home maintenance tips and recommendations to keep your investment in good condition moving forward. We’ll go through the home inspection report with you, making sure you have a clear understanding of what we’ve found, so you have a strong discussion tool when meeting with your builder.

A builder warranty home inspection is what you need to give you peace of mind as the owner of a newly-constructed home.

If you’re approaching the anniversary of your move-in date, call us at 970-364-2399 | don@wildinspections.com